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Gardenia Jungle presents Ottmar Liebert for a flamenco guitar performance on June 7 at 8:30 pm at the St. Francis Auditorium.

Ottmar Liebert, born in Cologne, Germany, discovered his undeniable passion for music while traveling through Asia and playing with fellow wanderers and local musicians. Despite initial aspirations of a career in design and photography, Liebert's journey led him to embrace a life dedicated to music. Settling in Santa Fe, New Mexico, marked a fresh start for him, allowing the local landscape to shape his musical identity. Blending Spanish, Mexican, and World elements, his signature style emerged—captivating melodies infused with a touch of melancholy, harmoniously paired with lively rhythms. In 1989, Liebert founded Luna Negra, and his debut album, initially self-produced as Marita: Shadows and Storms, gained attention after local artist Frank Howell distributed it in his galleries. The remastered version, titled Nouveau Flamenco, recorded in a makeshift studio for under $3,000, became an international sensation, solidifying Liebert's position with the best-selling instrumental acoustic guitar album of all time.

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