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This show is moving, heartfelt, humorous, haunting and intimate. Michael is a captivating entertainer and his voice has held up well through the years.

The first part of the show is country, and the second part is Western, giving the audience a taste of all of the important forms of music ever conceived in the history of civilization. Murphey will also take the time to give us a history lesson about the people who settled the West. He introduces the song “Carolina In The Pines” as a song about where his people come from.

“I have no Indian blood, but I did come from the most tribal people on earth, the Irish. The Irish don't much like it when you steal their land either!”

The horse represents freedom, and Michael's song is the perfect way to end this amazing show. "Wildfire". 

Upgrade your experience to include a special reception with the artist in the lobby of the New Mexico Museum of Art

The building was completed in 1917 and is an example pueblo style architecture and one of Santa Fe's best-known representations of the synthesis of Native American and Spanish Colonial design styles.

Stepping into the museum’s lobby, you are greeted by a captivating blend of history and artistic sophistication. The grandeur of the surrounding architecture of this 117-year-old museum and art is softened by our amazing violinist with modern tunes performed by Rachel Kelli on her Stradivarious violin.

"As a seasoned and passionate violinist, I am dedicated to creating captivating musical experiences that elevate special occasions and leave a lasting impression on audiences," Kelli said.

As the evening unfolds, the music takes center stage. Michael Martin Murphey is getting ready to perform on the St. Francis Auditorium stage. The Walter-Burke Fine catering service provided food and beverages are equally impressive, reflecting the theme of the evening. Delicate finger foods offer a symphony of flavors. Guests can indulge in gourmet cheeses, artisanal breads, and miniature desserts, each bite a delight for the senses along with four white wines.

About the New Mexico Museum of Art

The New Mexico Museum of Art houses more than 20,000 works of American and European art, including paintings, prints, drawings, sculpture, photographs, new media, and conceptual works. The focus of the collection is on American art, with an emphasis on artists working in the Southwest.

The museum is known for its extensive collections of the Taos Society of Artists and Los Cinco Pintores, the five painters who moved to Santa Fe in the 1920s and helped establish the community as a famous art colony. The museum also features an important collection of Georgia O’Keeffe paintings; works by the great woodblock printmaker and painter Gustave Baumann; and American photographers, including the Jane Reese Williams Collection of women photographers.

The New Mexico Museum of Art is the oldest art museum in the state. Built in 1917, the structure itself is a work of art, considered a masterpiece of Pueblo Revival architecture and the best representation of the synthesis of Native American and Spanish Colonial design styles.

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